Union Facts

In recent years, Security Industry Specialists, Inc. (SIS) has been the target of a vicious “corporate campaign” mounted by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The SEIU’s efforts started about five years ago as a straightforward attempt to pressure SIS’s employees to join its union.

The SEIU’s Organizing Effort Against SIS

As part of its traditional organizing effort, the SEIU engaged in an array of harassing tactics. These included:

  • • Telephone calls to employee homes at odd hours of the night

  • • Showing up uninvited at employees’ homes with several union representatives, who then demanded to speak to the SIS employee to get him or her to sign a union authorization card, and

  • • A campaign of lies and deceit against SIS. 
 Employees complained – and one employee quit the company to avoid the harassment.

The SEIU’s traditional organizing campaign utterly failed. SIS employees understand that they are some of the highest paid security officers in the industry, with benefit packages that exceed those offered by competitors. The SEIU offered nothing to improve their station. After three years, not one SIS employee ever voted to join the SEIU.

The SEIU’s Current Corporate Campaign Against SIS

About two years ago, after zero success in the traditional campaign, the SEIU shifted to its current “corporate campaign” against SIS. According to The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “a ‘corporate campaign’ is an attack by a union on the ability of a company or industry to conduct its routine business. The objective is to generate so much pressure on the ‘target’ that it will give in to union demands.”

The SEIU was unable to persuade SIS employees to voluntarily join its union. So, it now attempts to cause SIS’s customers to pressure SIS to agree to be unionized. It does so through leafleting outside customers’ stores, by disrupting shareholders meetings, by attempting to contact customers’ employees, and by enlisting the support of members of the media to write one-sided “hit” pieces – invariably based on lies and half truths fed to reporters by the SEIU.

One frequently misunderstood aspect of a corporate campaign is that unions are unfettered by traditional rules that govern most citizens’ conduct – they lie, distort and smear with little fear of the consequences. Why? Because unions like the SEIU actually want to be sued by their target. Once the target files a lawsuit, the SEIU can use the civil discovery process in the lawsuit to extract significant additional documents and information from the target. After rummaging through the target’s files, the SEIU issues additional lies, distortions and smears to try to pressure the target – essentially using the lawsuit against the target.

The SEIU’s Corporate Campaign Against SIS Rests on Deceit

False Allegations

The SEIU’s corporate campaign against SIS has relied on a litany of smears, distortions and outright lies. Many of them are chronicled here, with documentation supporting the truth linked right next to the SEIU’s fabrications.  Generally, the SEIU issues these allegations with the apparent hope that they will be picked up by the media before SIS has a chance to respond with the truth.  These ambush tactics may work in the short run, but the truth always wins in the long run.

Disgruntled Former Employees

Likewise, the SEIU has gone out of its way to attempt to find disgruntled former SIS employees, but invariably the union has relied on half-truths and false allegations in attempting to smear SIS. For example:
  • • The SEIU habitually asserts that former SIS employee Manny Cardenas wanted to become a full-time employee but SIS would not give him the hours so that he could do so. The truth is that Mr. Cardenas was a full-time student and told SIS he could only work weekends shortly after taking a job with SIS.

  • • In this article, the SEIU makes the claim by former SIS employee Hamdi Mohamed: "the real reason they fired me is because as a Black Muslim woman at SIS, I was supposed to be quiet." And that: "They give you eight hours of training then throw you into the field".  The truth is that SIS provided Hamdi with 20 hours of training during her short time with the company, and her employment was terminated after repeatedly being late to her shift and/or failing to show up at all.  

  • • The SEIU even has relied on discredited allegations of a former SIS employee, who claimed SIS discriminated against him.  The former employee's claims were completely and entirely rejected by a jury in a trial the SEIU helped engineer and from which the SEIU ultimately was barred from participating!
  • • In 2014 the SEIU began trotting out former SIS employee Richell Banks, who now claims she was terminated because of a sick daughter. The truth is that Ms. Banks was terminated after 17 separate instances where she either did not show up for work or was late. After each of six separate written warnings regarding her attendance problems, Ms. Banks was given the opportunity to agree or disagree with the discipline. She agreed each time and never once claimed a sick daughter was the cause of her attendance problem.
The former employees’ accounts are documented here, together with the facts that put the lie to the SEIU’s allegations.

Wage Theft 

More recently, the SEIU has settled on several ironic themes in an attempt to disparage SIS. In particular the SEIU accuses SIS of so-called “Wage Theft” and “Excessive Force and Assault Against The General Public.”

As support for its “Wage Theft” allegations, the SEIU points to two lawsuits, a radio segment, and eleven administrative claims filed against SIS over the span of 14 years. Setting aside the fact that not one of these matters resulted in a judgment against SIS and many were abandoned or dismissed by the parties who filed them,or dismissed by the administrative agency in charge, the SEIU’s “Wage Theft” allegations are ironic because they come from a union that has a long and well-chronicled history of Wage Theft. This ranges from:
  • • Embezzlement of union dues (wages deducted from employee pay checks)

  • • Identity theft practiced against its own members

  • • Illegal deduction of millions of union dues from union members and non-members, and

  • • Many other financial misdealings
But don’t take our word for it. Some specific examples are chronicled here. And, in reading these real life verdicts and convictions, please bear in mind the contrast: The SEIU's campaign against SIS relies on unsubstantiated allegations; many of these are criminal convictions and civil findings against the SEIU. In other words, facts not just baseless claims.


Likewise, the SEIU points to five lawsuits over the past 10 years to support its allegation that SIS has a history of “Excessive Force and Assault Against The General Public.” Again, bear in mind that these are just allegations – the SEIU cannot point to a single conviction or civil judgment against SIS, because there are none.

As before, the irony here is that the SEIU has a history of violent behavior, much of which has been documented with video evidence, including assault and battery against those who disagree with official SEIU propaganda and positions. And, once again, there is no need to take our word for it. There are many examples, some of which we’ve included here.

The Truth is on SIS’s Side

For the past five years, the SEIU has undertaken an aggressive campaign of lies and distortions against SIS. For its part, SIS rarely has responded. This web page represents our effort to give our employees, the media and the public the other side of the story – the side the SEIU does not want you to know about.

When dealing with the SEIU, SIS has learned that it is important to insist on facts rather than taking SEIU allegations at face value. Too often this union plays fast and loose with them. At a minimum, employees and the public are entitled to know the truth before deciding whether to believe this union’s claims.