For years now, the SEIU has been unsuccessful in convincing SIS employees to join its union. With zero success, the union has turned to a campaign of lies and distortion aimed at SIS employees and clients. While we can’t recount all of the SEIU’s abuses here, we can set the record straight as to SIS:

The SEIU’s Lies And DistortionsThe Truth
SIS “fired 200 + highly experienced union security officers when took over” a client account in Seattle.

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  • SIS did not fire a single security officer.

  • All of these security officers worked for Andrews International, and it was Andrews who laid them off.

  • SIS hired over 200+ security officers for this account, including a number who previously worked for Andrews.

  • The SEIU knows that it’s lying with this charge. In August of 2012, the SEIU’s own newsletter was published with this headline:
    “Over 200 Andrews Security Officers Hit With Massive Layoffs”

  • The sad part is: The SEIU probably made the same promises to these laid off Andrews employees that it is making now in its corporate campaign against SIS.

SIS “illegally spied on union meetings -- the Federal government has investigated and substantiated.”

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SEIU Lies. Here’s the truth:

  • SIS engaged in no “spying” or “surveillance,” and the federal government never substantiated any of this. In fact, just the opposite happened.

  • The SEIU filed a charge before the NLRB alleging that SIS had engaged in “spying” and “surveillance.”

  • At the time it was filed, this was the only NLRB charge that had ever been filed against SIS in the company's 14-year history.

  • The NLRB investigated the charge and quickly issued a ruling conditionally dismissing the charge.

  • When it dismissed the charge, the NLRB wrote: “there have not been any meritorious charges against SECURITY INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS, INC. within the past several years, and there are no other current meritorious allegations against this employer.”

  • None of the SEIU’s allegations against SIS ever were substantiated by the “federal government” in any way, shape or form.

  • It also is important to understand how the SEIU’s “spying” allegations arose:

    • In 2012, SEIU representatives were distributing flyers outside a facility where SIS security officers worked.

    • The flyer invited security officers to attend a union organizing meeting. One SIS security officer received a flyer and then attended the meeting.

    • The SEIU then sued, alleging that he was spying.

    • There were no allegations that the employee used any secret cameras or recording devices. The SEIU argued that the employee’s mere attendance at the meeting they invited him to constituted spying.

    • Needless to say, the SEIU lost.

SIS was “sued by 2,000 + employees for not providing adequate meals and rest breaks” and “charged with illegal termination based on race and sexual orientation”

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SEIU Distortion. Here’s the truth:

For years, the SEIU has undertaken an aggressive campaign of lies and distortions against SIS. For its part, SIS rarely has responded. This web page represents our effort to give our employees and the public the other side of the story – the side the SEIU does not want you to know about. At a minimum, employees are entitled to know the truth before deciding whether to believe this union’s claims.

Not a single SIS employee has ever voted to join the SEIU. The SEIU understands this. For this reason, it is attempting to cause SIS clients to pressure SIS to be a union shop — thereby forcing SIS employees to contribute to a union they do not want.